Green Cleaning: Keeping the Air Clean in Your Office All Winter Long


We all know that using green cleaning products is a great way to reduce harsh toxic chemicals in the workplace. But we might not think about how green cleaning products are part of up-keeping healthy indoor air quality. During the winter, when all the windows are closed and there is less ventilation, using green cleaning becomes even more essential. Here is a short list on how you can breathe easily:

  1. Don’t rely on air-fresheners or room sprays, which can be toxic (many contain endocrine disruptors).
  2.  Choose cleaning products that are safe. Make sure to avoid cleaning products that contain dangerous chemicals like phthalates, formaldehyde, and “chemical surfacants.
  3. Use LEED- certified cleaning products.
  4. Steam clean carpets, rather than using (often toxic) carpet cleaners.



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