West Hill House B&B Goes 100% Solar

In the scenic Mad River Valley, you’ll find a very green place to rest your head: West Hill House B&B. Owners Peter and Susan MacLaren feel sustainability is important and are hoping to lead by example and inspire others to reduce their environmental impacts. A Vermont Green Business, the B&B welcomes its guests with complimentary electric vehicle charging, recycling bins in every guest room, and a composting program.  West Hill House B&B has gone above and beyond by installing a pre-heating hot water system on their roof and investing in net-metered solar, accounting for 100% of their electric energy needs. Peter and Susan say that the changes they have made to benefit the planet do not go unnoticed by guests. The couple recently leased a Tesla themselves, and they note how the car begins many engaging conversations on sustainability with guests. Wanna hear more about sustainability at West Hill House B&B?  This video offers an in-depth look at all of West Hill House B&B‘s sustainability efforts. The Vermont Green Business Program is proud to have members like West Hill House B&B!

solar west hill.PNG

Photo above: West Hill House B&B has a more than 25% share of the Same Sun Solar Society solar farm in Poultney, VT.





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