Becoming a Benefit Corporation in VT

Purpose. Transparency. Accountability.

These are the three required elements of becoming a Benefit Corporation (B Corp).  The Vermont benefit corporation law allows for the creation of a new and voluntary corporate entity that will allow businesses to consider profit as well as society and the environment. This form of incorporation allows a business to balance fiduciary duty between its shareholders and stakeholders. At present, B Corps are permitted in 33 states. B Corps meet stringent standards, and must demonstrate on multiple levels how their company leads on social and environmental values, and drives positive impact across sectors.

So why become a B Corp? Benefit Corporation status can generate press, attract investors, attract and engage talent, save money and benchmark company performance. To learn more about becoming a Benefit Corporation in Vermont, the certifying entity, called B Lab, has designed this guidebook.

B lab.PNGList of Vermont Benefit Corporations

*= Also a VT Green Business member




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