VGBP Expands Resources and Impact

Our program is 18 years old now. And like most 18 year-olds, it is time for us to make a big change. But instead of packing our family’s mini van with dorm room necessities, we are expanding our programs, increasing our visibility and working to increase our positive impact on Vermont’s environment.  In 2018, the Vermont Green Business Program is relaunching as a bigger, better version. This year, will be growing, adding new businesses and resources, and building community amongst members. We have a new streamlined application process with clear Program requirements.

We have also launched a new Green Brewery Cohort program to help Vermont brewers brew sustainably, while cutting costs. In partnership with Efficiency Vermont, DEC will offer Vermont breweries personalized assistance in navigating environmental compliance, implementing sustainability initiatives, and with the help of Efficiency Vermont, achieving ambitious energy use reductions. Each brewery in the cohort will become a Vermont Green Business Program member within a year of joining.

Finally, we will be generating new online resources for all businesses here on the blog, on our website, and on our YouTube channel. Stay tuned for tips on everything from green cleaning to going zero waste. In the year ahead, we look forward to working with the great community of Vermont businesses and hope to hear from you!


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